Thursday, February 5, 2009


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Kit used is Chocolate Cherry from Flower scraps

This is a FTU Kit Here

Materials Here

Place everything in its right folder

Now we can begin

1.Open a new Transparent Layer

2. Floodfill with black or White

3.New layer

4.Select all and copy and paste the background

Rose Petals into the selection.Select none

6.Load the mask cris9 _Delete and merge group

7.Blend emboss and Adjust Variations click on 4 x lighter

8.Take your square ribbon frame and resize by 90%

Copy & paste as a new layer

9. Adjust .Variation click x 2 on darker

Drop Shadow

10.New Layer and drag this new layer under the frame

9, Copy and paste cherry blossom flower

Image –Mirror

Duplicate and arrange Repeat several times

Arrange the cherry blossoms flowers where you like them

10.New Layer as before drag this layer under the frame

11.Resize and copy the leaf near where the flowers are

I duplicated mirror/ duplicate it and flip a few times to the way you want it

Duplicate this leaf again and 45degree angle and once again

To the way you like it.

12. New raster layer Copy the red swirly ribbon and put it the the right.

13.New Raster layer Copy the red ribbon wrap

Put it to the left a bit.TAKE NOTE

We want to hide the diamonds so

Take your eraser and erase so no diamonds showing

14.New Layer Now we copy the red ribbon wrap put it in a nice place

Drop shadow

15. New layer Copy the senga tube & and place her

Wings up the top outside the frame

16. Eraser tool the bottom part of the senga tube

So that it sits nicely

Layer add

17. Make your name

18. add Border 1 pixel dark red

Add border 5 pixels white.

Now we have finished

If you want to animate it


I hope u enjoyed this lesson


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Here you have created a great tutorial again. I love it!



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